Swim Tour – Part 1. Helsinki

Allas Sea Pool Photo credits: Pool photos by Marinetek Finland Oy, skyhard.fi I hosted a swimming enthusiast from London last week. And what a week it was! We started our tour together at Allas Sea Pool.  This unique complex is situated in the heart of the city by the Helsinki Market Square. Allas offers opportunities for swimming, sauna, eating, exercise and culture. Swimmers welcome floating swimming pools and round-the-year swimming with warm water and open ice pools. Allas is part of a larger trend … Read More

Day 31 – Final day thoughts and final swim

May was extraordinary warm in Finland, so I was lucky to be able to enjoy swimming without a wetsuit almost the whole month. I swim also in winter, so I’m familiar with cold water. But it was so wonderful to swim a bit longer (than just to dip) in sunny weather and warm waters in May! I didn’t bother to stress about blogging. So I kept lines short and hoped photos and videos gave some sense of the swimming locations … Read More

Day 28 Morning swim at Nallikari Beach

I got bicycle from my hotel and rode to Nallikari Beach, which is by the Bay of Bothnia. It was early morning and there were only birds flying around. Beach is very shallow, so I walked about 100 m to be able to swim properly. I guess water was about 11 °C. Good start for the morning! Location: Nallikari Beach, The Bay of Bothnia, Oulu

Day 17 Wonderful Uutela Outdoor Area

  I took five foreign guests with me to Uutela beach. Our joint interest is to promote and increase participation in watersports in the EU. #GetWet is the motto of our project, so it was natural for me to enter the chilly Baltic. 🙂 I got Eduard to put on my much-too-small wetsuit and follow me to the water with SUP paddle board. The others stayed on shore, maybe thinking we were really cold. But we weren’t at all and … Read More

Day 2 Solbad*, name tells it all

I visited this beach many, many years ago. Couple days ago my friend ask me to drive with her to Kemiönsaari and I immediately said yes, because I remembered this wonderful public beach is there. I also remembered I tried to dive from its diving tower, but it was so windy September day, that the tower was swinging back and forth and felt sick standing there. No wind, nor nausea today. Just lots of sunshine on empty beach. It was … Read More