Day 30 The Folk Park of Saari

The Folk Park of Saari is located in the Häme Lake Uplands and it was founded in 1932. There are high ridges and 13 lakes and ponds in the area. I went to Lake Suujärvi, a clearwatered lake with small diving tower, with my daughter. We’ve been here before, so we knew water would be chilly in this ground water lake. And so it was, around 14-16 °C. Only two-three meter wide neck of land separates Lake Suujärvi from Lake Kuivajärvi. These lakes are … Read More

Day 29 Morning dip and swim at Tuira Beach

I went for a morning dip by a wakeboard location. It was easy access to water along a mat on the shore. The Delta of River Oulu is very diverse and offers many kinds of urban and rural locations for swimming. At noon we cycled together with Jukka to Tuira winter swimming location. Location: Delta of River Oulu, Oulu.  More of River Oulu Delta

Day 28 Morning swim at Nallikari Beach

I got bicycle from my hotel and rode to Nallikari Beach, which is by the Bay of Bothnia. It was early morning and there were only birds flying around. Beach is very shallow, so I walked about 100 m to be able to swim properly. I guess water was about 11 °C. Good start for the morning! Location: Nallikari Beach, The Bay of Bothnia, Oulu

Day 27 River Oulu

Winter swimming board of The Outdoor Association of Finland is having a meeting in Oulu this weekend. So after landing here I headed straight to River Oulu with Jukka, a board member and a friend. We had a nice walk around Pikisaari, a charming island in River Oulu Delta, and found a swimming spot by a bridge. We plunged and refreshed in 12-13 °C brown water. Location: River Oulu (107 km), Oulu,

Day 26 Aurlahti Beach at Lake Lohja

I had a nice evening swim at my home lake, at Lake Lohja. Lake Lohja offers great locations and sceneries for open water swimmers. Four years ago I started to invite people to Lake Lohja to swim with me and things evolved in direction that last spring I started a business called Swimming Holidays in Finland. I hope more people find they way to swim in this wonderful lake and of course in many lakes and ponds around Lake Lohja … Read More

Day 25 Evening swim at Lake Loppijärvi

There are 10 public beaches in Loppi, a small rural municipality in Häme Lake Uplands. One of them at Lake Loppijärvi has a wide beach with small marina and children’s playground. I went for an evening swim and enjoyed scenery with two islands nearby. Location: Loppijärvi (11 km²), Loppi

Day 24 Open water swimming in yellow water

We have early and incredibly intense bloom going on in Southern Finland due to unusually warm days of May. Lake Sääksjärvi was covered by pine tree pollen, and it was a bit peculiar to swim in yellow color water. Still the water of Sääksjärvi was clear, I could easily see the bottom of the lake. And pollen didn’t hinder in any way. Actually it was fun to swim 1,5 K in 18 °C yellow water with my training pal Tuomas. Location: Sääksjärvi, … Read More

Day 23 Spoiled

Water temperature was 20,5 °C this evening in Lake Alasjärvi. I’m totally spoiled! Weather has been unusually warm most of the time since beginning of May. Lake Alasjärvi is dark, rich of humus and absorbs sunlight and warms up quickly. I had a nice 1 K evening swim. There were children on the beach swimming and angling, also enjoying the exceptional warmth. Location: Alasjärvi (1,2336 km²), Tervakoski, Janakkala  

Day 22 Story from Lake Kuohijärvi

On the 22nd of May I didn’t have a chance to swim, sadly. So instead of a usual blog post, here’s a story from Thursday the 28th of April, when I went swimming to Lake Kuohijärvi in Lammi to plan this blog. It was a remote location. I thought nobody would appear, especially weather being cloudy and cold, nevertheless location belonging to  Häme Recreation Area Association,  So I had a nice cup of coffee and a cake and started to take … Read More

Day 21 A moon swim

Tonight’s swim under a full moon was very special. I went for a swim after a party and felt the cool water of Lake Lohja extremely vitalizing and refreshing. It’s hardly dark at all during nights, so long white nights of summer are almost here. Location: Lohjanjärvi, Lohja