Day 7 Going crazy after one week…

Now it’s hard to pass by any lake without dipping or swimming in it. So I’m totally addicted after one week. Hooked to daily swims. Especially when weather has been really warm the whole week, and it feels like summer, although it’s early May. Water temperatures have risen to 12-16 °C in Southern Finland.

Lake Puujärvi has sea like shores and clear water. Wind had blown warm surface water towards this beautiful beach. Few rocks and gulls here and there. I felt like splashing around.

So before arriving to Lake Puujärvi, I couldn’t just pass by a tiny pond, although it looked a bit swampy. But it was surrounded by trees and the water looked fresh, so stop the car! It was difficult to descend to the water, but then I had a private pool midst of a forest. It was worth it.
Location: Villampi, Puujärvi (6,45 km²), Lohja/Karjalohja