Day 30 The Folk Park of Saari

The Folk Park of Saari is located in the Häme Lake Uplands and it was founded in 1932. There are high ridges and 13 lakes and ponds in the area. I went to Lake Suujärvi, a clearwatered lake with small diving tower, with my daughter. We’ve been here before, so we knew water would be chilly in this ground water lake. And so it was, around 14-16 °C.

Only two-three meter wide neck of land separates Lake Suujärvi from Lake Kuivajärvi. These lakes are totally different: water in small Lake Suujärvi is clear, turquoise-green, cold, transparent and deep and in much bigger Lake Kuivajärvi water is dark, warm and shallow. We, of course, swam in both. 🙂 We enjoyed the warmth of bigger lake and dives into the clear cool small lake. Häme Lake Uplands is really fun place with a scenic lookout tower, traditional museum/cafe building, hiking trails etc.  Just perfect for outdoor recreation!

Location: The Saari Folk Park (0,43 km²), Suujärvi (0,17 km²), Kuivajärvi (8,23 km²), Tammela

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