Day 22 Story from Lake Kuohijärvi

On the 22nd of May I didn’t have a chance to swim, sadly. So instead of a usual blog post, here’s a story from Thursday the 28th of April, when I went swimming to Lake Kuohijärvi in Lammi to plan this blog.

It was a remote location. I thought nobody would appear, especially weather being cloudy and cold, nevertheless location belonging to  Häme Recreation Area Association,  So I had a nice cup of coffee and a cake and started to take off my clothes. Suddenly a car with a boat on a trailer arrived. A man came out of the car and started to put the his boat in waters. Silence. Coldness. Windy. Nobody said anything. Traditional Finnish style. But then I started half-naked to talk and asked, why was he there. He told me he takes underwater photographs, that’s his hobby and now it was good weather for it. I got good information from him about the lake and the area. Then I heard myself asking, if he could take me on a tour on the lake. And off we went. I saw few beautiful islands and good routes for stand up paddling. I thanked the man and he went on his way. I swam in beautiful clear water, temperature being around 8 °C, and had coffee again. I knew, if this kind of spontaneous encounters start to happen during my #31daysofswimming2016 challenge in May, my swimming and blogging will be rewarding.

Location: Kuohijärvi (35 km²), Lammi

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