Day 19 By the Olympic Pool

It was a very special swim with my daughter by the Olympic Pool in Hämeenlinna. We had brand new wetsuits and goggles and they proved to be just awesome. Water in Lake Ahvenistonjärvi was green and very clear, typical to kettle hole lakes. Water temperature was around 13 °C. Before swimming we walked along a nature trail around the lake (2K).

Ahvenisto Park, which was build for modern pentathlon in Helsinki Olympic Games 1952, has olympic sized outdoor pool just on the shore of Lake Ahvenistonjärvi. This is a very special place, beautiful and historical. Pool was renovated two years ago and it still has the beautiful 50’s style.

Location: Ahvenistonjärvi (0,0998 km²) public beach, Hämeenlinna

Speacial thanks: Ursuk Oy/Aquasphere