Day 29 Morning dip and swim at Tuira Beach

I went for a morning dip by a wakeboard location. It was easy access to water along a mat on the shore. The Delta of River Oulu is very diverse and offers many kinds of urban and rural locations for swimming. At noon we cycled together with Jukka to Tuira winter swimming location. Location: Delta of River Oulu, Oulu.  More of River Oulu Delta

Day 28 Morning swim at Nallikari Beach

I got bicycle from my hotel and rode to Nallikari Beach, which is by the Bay of Bothnia. It was early morning and there were only birds flying around. Beach is very shallow, so I walked about 100 m to be able to swim properly. I guess water was about 11 °C. Good start for the morning! Location: Nallikari Beach, The Bay of Bothnia, Oulu

Day 27 River Oulu

Winter swimming board of The Outdoor Association of Finland is having a meeting in Oulu this weekend. So after landing here I headed straight to River Oulu with Jukka, a board member and a friend. We had a nice walk around Pikisaari, a charming island in River Oulu Delta, and found a swimming spot by a bridge. We plunged and refreshed in 12-13 °C brown water. Location: River Oulu (107 km), Oulu,