September Swim

After walking the trail around Lake Iso-Melkutin with my friend and having a quick dip in the lake, I had to come back for a longer swim. Iso-Melkutin is nice, green and clear ground water lake not so far away from my home. There are no summer cabins, no motorboats and it feels like there’s only wilderness around you. But there’s a sports aviation centre nearby the lake, but somehow the whole area is tranquil. Lake Iso-Melkutin is divers’ favourite spot, it’s exiting to dive between logs and branches on bottom of the lake. Deepest point is 27 meters. I swam along the shoreline and watched the low light of September sun shining just over the tree line. It felt like summer, weather has been sunny and warm and water temperature was aprx.  17 °C. Oh, these warm autumn days – and already Northern Lights at nights!

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