Day 8 No bears, just swans

After training life saving inside a swimming hall all day, boy, what a relief it was to walk in Nuuksio National Park, to get some fresh air and to rinse chlorine off my skin in beautiful lake upland. Nuuksio is “Wild Woods and Lakes on Helsinki’s Doorstep”. So true. The Park is easy to reach by public transportation and there are over 80 little lakes and ponds in the area. And few brown bears and wolves… Today I didn’t reach the most beautiful scenic places and far-off trails, but nevertheless Nuuksio impressed me again. Old forests, valleys and gorges and water round every corner. There’s no official beaches in the Park, but you can swim in any lake or pond you encounter. No bears, nor wolves today, just swans. And silence.

Location: Sorlampi Pond, Nuuksio National Park (area 55 km²), Espoo.