Day 6 Choose one of three

I was driving to seaside, but then I got interested in three tiny lakes, which were not far from the road (not very big road :). When I looked closer to the map, it was easy to choose, which where to go. Lake Pålsträsket is situated by a hill and there are no fields around it. There was also a path leading to it, so I decided to give it a go. I had a short walk through a forest and found a really nice rock in lakefront. Water was so clear that I could see many fish swimming around. I took my pink tow float with me and put on my goggles, because I didn’t know anything about this lake. It was a good anticipation, because there were quite sharp edges of rocks underwater near the cliff, so it was best to just float over them.

Location: Pålsträsk, Inkoo/Lohja