Day 13 Rissla falls

There are plenty of waterfalls in Lapland Highlands, but in Southern Finland they are rare. I was lucky to find Rissla Falls near to my home Lake Lohja, situated north of the historical Fiskars Village in Raasepori. There at first I had a nice swim in Lake Myllyjärvi, where from Risslaån River flows down. Then I had a dip in a small upstream pool. Finally I balanced myself to Rissla cascade and enjoyed a chilly shower under it. Nice paths go around the water falls and a brand new lean-to welcomes visitors to enjoy this little-known wooded ridge area. In summer this place turns into jungle, because of lime-rich soil everything grows rapidly.

Location: Rissla Falls (falls 18 m on a 100 m distance) Risslaån, Lake Myllyjärvi, Fiskars; Raasepori

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