Day 12 Kaitalampi douze points

Kaitalampi is very popular among open water swimmers. It’s 0,2 km narrow and 1,3 km long pond. Quite peaceful, very beautiful and only 25 km from Helsinki. I planned to swim longer, and water being 14 °C, I borrowed my friend’s wetsuit and felt anguish wearing it….A Canada goose followed us, when we headed to the other end of the pond. She was just curious, not at all aggressive. Lucky us. There are buoys for swimmers and so Kaitalampi is great place, if you train for longer distances.
Recommendation: walk surrounding paths, enjoy nature reserve, have a dip in the pond and go for a coffee in next-door golf court cafe. And twelve points goes to…douze points…Kaitalampi!

Location: Kaitalampi Pond (deepest point 13 m), situated in Luukki, Espoo, administrator Helsinki

More photos of Kaitalampi